Senior Management Team

Lenzie Academy is managed by a Senior Management Team (SMT) consisting of seven members of staff: the Head Teacher and six Depute Head Teachers. The present Head Teacher, Brian Paterson, is the tenth Head Teacher of Lenzie Academy.

Members of the Senior Management Team:

  • Mr Brian Paterson, Head Teacher
  • Ms Jeanie Robertson, Depute Head Teacher (S6)
  • Mrs Fiona Clyne, Depute Head Teacher (S5)
  • Mr Niel Farquhar, Depute Head Teacher (S4)
  • Mrs Morag Elliott, Depute Head Teacher (S3)
  • Ms Karrie Munro, Depute Head Teacher (S2)
  • Mrs Robyn Sinclair, Depute Head Teacher (S1)

SMT remits are available to download