FOLA is an informal and friendly fundraising group made up of both parents and staff. The group raise money funds to support the pupils of Lenzie Academy’s curricular and extra-curricular activities. Over the years, FOLA have raised a considerable amount of money which has benefited many new and existing opportunities.

These funds are raised by way of its 500 Club, events and raffles. The 500 Club allows for two lucky winners each month to 15% of the proceeds of the 500 Club’s monthly prize draw and 70% is retained by FOLA to benefit the pupils.

These funds have provided a variety of items. The purchase of these items would not have been possible without FOLA’s fundraising efforts. If you have a fundraising idea or wish to know more about FOLA and how you can support Lenzie Academy’s pupils, please see our Contact us section or follow us on Twitter @FOLA_LenzieAcad