In our school we want every young person to achieve their potential and succeed. 

To this end we greatly value the support that regular and robust homework can make to the consolidation of and extension to ongoing class work. 

In the past we have issued pupils with a homework diary to log details of homework tasks and assignments and when they should be submitted.  This led to inconsistent application and use across the school and whilst some parents/carers found these useful in supporting their children with completion of homework tasks others found them to be less effective.  To ensure we have a system that provides greater consistency for pupils and greater transparency for parents/carers we are now using a system that is more up to date and relevant to our young people.  This programme is called “Show My Homework” and our Parent Council felt it was a significant improvement on the current diary approach and strongly endorsed its implementation.

Show My Homework provides a digital platform where teachers will upload all homework. This information can be accessed by pupils and parents/carers via tablets or smart phones or by accessing a website using a personalised log on.  A number of schools in East Dunbartonshire have decided to implement this programme.

In order to support you as a parent/carer in making best use of this facility to help your children with the organisation and completion of homework parents/carers have been issued with a PIN number which allows access to homework information relating to their child or children.  We offer a drop in session for pupils on a Wednesday during lunchtimes to help support them in how they can access and use the programme.  

Here is the link to the webpage for Lenzie Academy Show My Homework