S4 is the first step for pupils into what is the Senior Phase of Scottish Education.

At the end of S3 pupils will have selected 6 subjects that they will study in more depth towards the level of National Qualification most appropriate to them. Further information regarding these qualifications can be found on the SQA website

In S4 some pupils will have opted to follow a 2 year pathway across S4 and S5 in order to attain a Higher level qualification (SCQF 6) at the end of S5. These pupils will sit the National 5 qualification at the end of S4. Alternatively pupils may choose to study one year National 4 or National 5 courses. If National 4, there may be the opportunity to progress to National 5 in S5. If National 5 over 1 year then an additional National 5 in another subject will be followed in S5 with the option of Higher being available in S6.

In order to facilitate this framework pupils are allocated 5 periods in S4. This allows National 5 work to be completed earlier and class teachers to begin Higher work during the second or third term of S4 where appropriate. This work consolidates and builds upon National 5 work facilitating deeper learning and greater support to pupils as they progress to Higher. Many of our pupils will follow 6 subjects on this pathway however it is also possible to follow a mixture of 2 year and 1 year courses where suitable.Pupils will be supported by class teachers, Guidance teachers and DHT throughout this process.

Rigorous monitoring and tracking of pupil’s progress occurs throughout S4 with parents receiving tracking reports and a full report at appropriate intervals. Contact can also be made through Guidance and DHT.

As pupils engage with work towards National Qualifications homework demands will undoubtedly increase.  An average of 2 hours homework per evening would be expected with pupils engaging in revision of class work where no formal homework has been allocated. There are opportunities within school to support this where necessary with the Homework club available 5 days a week at lunchtimes and supported study offered by subjects at identified times throughout the year. In addition to PSE classes a programme of personal support is organised to allow targeted mentoring of pupils by a member of staff.

Towards the end of S4, re-coursing occurs where required and pupils who are looking to move on from Lenzie Academy are supported towards further education, modern apprenticeship opportunities and careers advice.