We aim to provide a learning environment where every young person is happy, safe and achieving their full potential.

We recognise and praise good behaviour through our positive behaviour policy (LA+) which encourages a positive learning environment; ranging from verbal praise to more tangible items such as praise stamps and merits. We seek to achieve a system that encourages good behaviour and learning, where standards are consistently applied and where students’ best efforts are recognised.  Good behaviour and a positive attitude towards learning is rewarded in S1-3 by merit awards, pupil of the month, class of the month and an annual rewards trip. 

Lenzie Academy has the following good behaviour code which indicates how students should behave:

  • Have high expectations and be ambitious
  • Strive for continuous improvement
  • Follow all instructions both verbal and written
  • Always behave in an appropriate manner showing consideration for your own safety and the safety of others
  • Always show respect, tolerance and compassion for others
  • Wear school uniform
  • Be responsible for your own property and that of others.
  • Do not bring to school cigarettes, alcohol, weapons or illegal drugs

Procedures for dealing with students who disregard the school rules depend not only on the nature of the offence but on many other additional factors, e.g. context, previous behavioural record. Sanctions can range from a verbal warning, a punishment exercise, exclusion for extra-curricular activities to, in extreme circumstances, exclusion from school. Where exclusion from school is required, parents/carers are involved at every stage according to the East Dunbartonshire Council guidelines.

In class, we have a set of rules to promote learning:

  • Be in class on time with all necessary homework and equipment.
  • Pay attention and follow all instructions.
  • Work hard and allow others to work without interruption by you.
  • Raise your hand when you want the teacher's attention and wait quietly.
  • Departmental rule relating to safety.

Class sanctions range from a verbal warning by the teacher, to removal from the class for supervision by another teacher.


Where a student repeatedly fails to follow rules and their own learning and the learning of others is affected, referral will be made to his/her guidance teacher for support. Progress will be monitored and parents/carers kept informed. Where this fails to have an effect further referral will be made to the Depute Head Teacher. Our aim is to return students to the position where they are learning effectively.