S3 marks the end of the Broad General Education and the beginning of the preparatory work for the Senior Phase National Qualifications. 

At the end of S2 pupils have selected 9 subjects to continue studying from Languages, Numeracy and Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, Religious and Moral Education, Expressive Arts, Health and Wellbeing, and Technologies. The work done in S3 sets the scene for progression to the National qualifications. You can view the current S3 Course information booklet here when it is available.

After the Scottish National Standardised Assessments, for reading, writing and numeracy, which normally take place in January, a block of S3 subject assessments is scheduled usually after the mid-term holiday in February to allow pupils to gain experience in sitting assessments in the Assembly Hall and to provide information to support course choice.   Pupil progress during S3 is closely monitored and parents will receive reports during the session.

Towards the end of S3, pupils will select 6 subjects from the 9 studied to continue into the Senior Phase detail on the content of the courses is available from the “Which Course” booklet provided to support the S2 into S3 personalisation and choice.  An S3 moving to S4 Course Choice form is also issued. It is important that subjects chosen will bring the best outcomes for pupils. 

A copy of the S3 into S4 Course Choice Presentation, given at the curricular Information meeting for parents, can be viewed online after the evening.

As S3 marks the end of the Broad General Education a Profile is completed by each pupil.  This document outlines the skills and knowledge they have gained during the Broad General Education.  The Profile is completed with the support of Guidance staff during PSE lessons and is used to support transition to the Senior Phase.

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