In S2 students continue through the Broad General Education with the studies they have undertaken in First Year

There are mixed ability classes for most subjects, except English and Mathematics, where some setting is introduced.  Pupils also have the opportunity for personalisation and choice in their curriculum by choosing an elective for two periods a week eg Fitness, Games Design, LA Law: Mock Trials, Drama, Foreign Language Film Club and many more.   More information on the content of the S2 curriculum within Lenzie Academy, how pupils will be able to monitor their own progress, types of homework issued and some useful tips and resources can be found in our S2 Curricular Guide. 

Pupil progress is monitored continuously through a variety of assessments and you will receive reports three times throughout the year.

Towards the end of Second Year, information is provided for students and parents about the choices of courses that are available in Third Year and detailed help is given by guidance and class teachers about these decisions depending on the individual student's progress, interest and career aspirations.  Pupils will be issued with a Which Course booklet which gives information on all the courses offered in S3, advice on how to choose the right subjects and progression routes through the Senior Phase.  Pupils will also be issued with a Personalisation and Choice form.

A copy of the S2 into S3 Course Choice Presentation, can be found in our Subject Options page.

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