Art and Design makes a significant contribution to the curriculum through providing distinctive opportunities for nurturing and developing pupils’ personal creativity and aesthetic judgement.

It can contribute to various aspects of pupils’ personal and social development. Important transferable skills in communication, problem solving, creative thinking and using information technology are promoted and developed. Involvement in creating and designing, challenges individuals to reflect on ideas and to respond imaginatively, and provides a unique perspective on human achievement and creative endeavour.

  • To demonstrate the relevance of art and design processes and products to the lives and experiences of pupils and to equip them with the skills to further their knowledge and understanding.
  • To enable pupils to perceive and respond effectively to all aspects of the personal, social, cultural, natural, industrial and technological environment; Problem solving, handling information and investigative skills.
  • To develop pupils’ abilities to interpret visual stimuli and to conceive visual ideas and responses.
  • To develop skills, knowledge and understanding of materials and media processes in ways which will enable them to investigate visual stimuli, express personal visual ideas and solve visual and design problems.
  • To form and express personal feelings and ideas in visual forms and communicate solutions to visual and design problems.
  • To develop pupils’ abilities to make critical and analytical judgements concerning their own work and the work of others in multi-cultural, contemporary and historical contexts.
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