RMPS stands for Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies. Within the subject we study religious and non-religious beliefs, practices and values and the impact of these on wider society. The courses encourage pupils to look at the customs and beliefs of people around them. It offers opportunities to consider their own attitudes towards others and their own moral values; and allows you to develop your thinking ability in order to engage, in a meaningful way, with the wider-world.  

  • Through the study of Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies, it is hoped to develop and enhance pupils’

    • knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of religious and secular groups in the UK and around the world
    • ability to plan and conduct independent research, and develop investigative skills
    • critical thinking skills and ability for philosophical inquiry
    • own sense of morality and personal values

    In addition, through the use of differentiated approaches to learning, and a variety of teaching methods, pupils are encouraged to:

    • work effectively individually and in groups
    • motivate themselves and take leadership in their own learning
    • use resources confidently
    • show respect for each other and their teacher
    • become effective contributors to the school community and wider society
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