In S1 pupils continue with their Broad General Education in the curricular areas of Languages, Numeracy and Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, Religious and Moral Education, Expressive Arts, Health and Wellbeing, and Technologies.  For most subjects pupils will be in mixed ability classes with their guidance group. 

The only exception to this is Maths, where some setting is introduced in October.  More information on the content of the S1 curriculum within Lenzie Academy, how pupils will be able to monitor their own progress, types of homework issued and some useful tips and resources can be found in our S1 Curricular Guide.  The S1 experience is enhanced by a variety of activities such as Bounce Back day and an S1 Residential trip.

Pupil progress is monitored continuously through a variety of assessments and you will receive reports three times throughout the year.

For more information on moving into S1 from Primary 7 please visit our section on Transitions.