The guidance team is responsible for the social welfare of students and for their curricular, vocational and personal guidance throughout their school careers.

There are ten members of the guidance staff. Their job is to help students with their personal adjustment to secondary education and to adolescence. To enable them to give the best help, they get to know the students as individuals by means of one-to-one interviews, and small group interviews. In addition students are encouraged to self-refer if any problems arise.

The school is divided vertically into eight guidance groups. Students are therefore in the care of the same guidance teacher as they progress through the school. Wherever possible, the same guidance teacher will deal with younger brother and sisters.

The guidance staff are also responsible for careers advice, links with universities, colleges and employers, students' interviews with career officers and are in a position to assist you and your child with problems pertaining to behaviour, academic performance and choice of school course and future career.

Should any problems arise regarding any aspect of the young person's progress, you can contact the school to arrange an appointment to meet with the Guidance teacher and any discussion will remain confidential if you wish.

You can view the Health Options for each year group which are discussed in the Personal and Social Education Programme.

Guidance Department Staff