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Modern Studies is about contemporary society and the place of the individual within society, from local, national and international perspectives. It is multidisciplinary as it involves the study of social, economic and political issues.

Departmental Aims

The Modern Studies Department has high expectations for all our pupils. We embrace the principles of inclusion and aim to provide every pupil with a quality education that will enable them to be happy, safe and achieving their potential.

We aim to enhance our pupils’ political literacy and enable them to become responsible citizens, have a broad understanding of how to be effective contributors in a democratic society and provide them with the skills to be able to be life-long learners.

Modern Studies also actively contributes to the development of pupils’ literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing and digital competence.

Developing the Young Workforce

Modern Studies is valued in a wide range of occupations including: law; journalism; management; marketing; police; teaching; social care; economics; local government; administration; health care; banking; broadcasting and media, fundraising and charity work; clerical work; youth and community work and trade union work.

Modern Studies Staff
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