At the end of fourth year, you are faced with a number of possible choices

 1. Continue at school studying the subjects you selected at the end of S3 or (for a few students) re-coursing

2. Full-time employment/training , or

3. Further Education (college courses)

If you select 2 or 3, you should have had a careers interview with the Careers Officer, been attending careers talks and reading the material available to help you select your way forward.  You might find useful information on our "Developing the Young Workforce" page or our Careers page which has a link to My World of Work

If your choice is to continue at school, you should still be making use of the Careers Library to help you select the appropriate subjects.

By S5 you may well have some idea of the kind of Higher Education, training course or career for which you are aiming. You should also be aware of the subjects and grades you require to achieve that aim. You should speak to your present class teachers, Guidance teacher and Careers Officer who can all advise you of your realistic prospects in your proposed course.

Relevant information pertaining to course content, entry requirements and progression is available on our Careers page which has a link to the Planit website for Careers, Learning and Schools in Scotland.

If you choose to return for a sixth year you are committing to a continuation of your full time education.  This involves increased responsibility alongside the drive and commitment to achieve your potential both academically and in the wider context.

Pupils are choosing to further their studies and are expected to take on increased independence in their own learning. S6 pupils are also expected to become involved in the wider life of the school and act as strong role models for our younger pupils.

More detail can be found in our information booklet for prospective sixth year pupils “The Way Ahead”